Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty little zipper pouches…


I’m not going to lie…it took me TWO DAYS to figure out how I wanted to make these…and in those two days my house blew up with fabric and string. These tiny little bags created a huge mess.


I wanted to sew a little pouch with a straight zipper on the top. I didn’t want to have rounded corners. How can something so silly occupy so much of my brain?


(I left this one blank so the ladies at church can pick out what they want stamped inside that little “frame” – I made these for the bazaar) Also, I still have to bead some little “zipper pulls”.

I became obsessed. But finally…FINALLY…I understood all the different tutorials I read online and when the light bulb turned on in my brain I wondered how it could have taken me so long! You don’t even want to know how long I pondered fabric choices…and then I decided to stamp on the fabric…and I have a lot of stamps (a lot of options)…

I always start with fabric that is inexpensive. This was VERY inexpensive…it was a table cloth I got at a garage sale for a quarter. The zippers were free from a friend…cost of supplies was almost zero. Cost in my time? Well, a lot. But I learned a lot – and I freed up a lot of space in my brain so I can move on to other projects!!!

Happy Crafting!!!


Julie said...

I really liked these pouches you showed me today. You did great on them. You will have to show me how you got them so smooth on top.
Love your craft projects.
Blessings my friend!

Anonymous said...

Kim, Very cute and can be used in many ways. You are very talented!! Keep up the much anticipated blogs and thanks for all the great ideas. Love, M&M