Monday, October 8, 2012

Almost finished wet felted slippers -


Here they are! I absolutely love them. I used about eight thin layers of wool to make these and they fit my feet beautifully! If you remember from the last post I used this method to make duct tape shoe lasts. They “fuzzed” up a bit and then settled down to a nice firm slipper. I still need to decorate them with some needle felting. I just can’t decide what design to try…I’m a person who always sits with my feet tucked up under me so I don’t want anything lumpy. I kinda figure I’ll just wait for the first stain on my slippers and go from there – lol! There is no hurry…I can wait years if I want to. I don’t know what kind of wool roving I used, wish I did, but I used about half a ball I got at the Wool Festival this year. I REALLY hope the same seller will be at the Wool Festival next year! I also tried to make some fingerless gloves with some of the wool I’ve cleaned myself…epic FAIL! I’ll take pictures and share them some other time.

In other news we purchased an Ice Castle fish house – the Lake Of The Woods edition. Like this one. Without going outside to check I think ours might be a little longer with more floor space. I can’t wait for ice-fishing this year!!!! We will be camping on the ice every chance we get! I’ll be bringing a bag of crafts to do each and every time, I see lots of embroidery in my future!!!! (Easy to pack and not too messy) I’m excited to get the fish house ready for us – I’ve started making quilts. Polyester quilts again – they are very warm and stain resistant. I’m using polyester that has to be at least 50 years old…and it looks brand new…kinda weird lol! Here is a picture of my living room right now -


There are piles of polyester EVERYWHERE!!!! I have to get busy and get a handle on this before it takes over the house…who am I kidding…it’s already taken over the house. I’m also busy getting some ornaments painted for the church bazaar and I tried some wire wrapping lately…with no success…and I’ve made some lotion with the beeswax I processed – oh yeah – I sewed and painted a pumpkin – I’ll show you next time. Phew! I also want to tan some deer hide this fall if my hubbie or sons get one. Anyone tried that before? I know it’s going to be gross but I’m going to try anyways. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before!

I have to share a great idea I saw on Pinterest! Do you like hashbrowns? Do you LOVE hashbrowns like I do? Have you been disappointed when making hashbrowns at home? For me the answers are yes, yes and YES! (I always end up with “mashbrowns”). Well stop trying to make them on the range and make them in your waffle iron instead! Just mix the spuds with a tablespoon of melted or soft butter and let them go. Works like a charm and the hashbrowns are crispy and wonderful!!! I used my big George Foreman grill to make a bigger family-of-five portion and that worked too!

OK, gotta go sew some squares together…Happy Crafting!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Read your post yesterday but couldn't leave a message. Also, needed a rest after reading all you've done. Your slippers look fabulous and warm!! Like the ice house and truck. Good for you guys. Nice to have something like this to look forward to for the long, cold winter. Exciting!! Very nice to see Grant and Gabe. Hope they had a nice time.
Love and later, M&M

Julie said...

I can't wait to hear and read about your adventures as a family fishing and enjoying it all. It's so cool you guys are doing this together. The quilts will be awesome and your slippers, well you know I want them so don't leave them unattended when I'm visiting. Just might borrow and forget to return them. :o)
Take care and I'll see you tomorrow about noon30 till 1ish. Lunch with Scott.
Blessings my friend!

Unknown said...

Did they turn out? Do you like them?

Unknown said...

Do you love them?