Monday, March 21, 2011

A Terrarium…

This terrarium is a work in progress, I'm waiting until spring add more interesting plants. This project has been in the works since last summer! I bought the mushroom shaped container last summer at a garage sale and have been wanting to plant it as a terrarium ever since. The only thing holding me back was “activated charcoal”. See, I’d been seeing terrariums all over blog-land and almost every time they would list activated charcoal as an “ingredient”. You’ll never guess where I got activated charcoal…in my shed! A neighbor knew I had a few aquarium pumps from another garage sale and while rummaging through things to find the pump I found a brand new container of activated charcoal amongst the aquarium stuff…amazing! (Keep that "H" word to yourself please)

Here is a recipe to make your own…(or just google terrarium and see hundreds of tutorials!)
  • Bottom layer: Pea rock, aquarium rocks, small pebbles, glass beads, marbles…you get the idea
  • Next: A barrier to keep the dirt from getting into your bottom layer. I saw sphagnum moss listed all the time. I didn’t have any so I used a coffee filter.
  • Next: A couple spoonfulls of activated charcoal sprinkled around. This helps to keep your water from going stagnant.
  • Next: Dirt
  • Next: Plants
  • Next: Cute stuff
  • Care instructions: Leave it alone, they thrive with neglect.
Happy Crafting!!!
PS: I’m starting a list of supplies that would make up the ultimate crafting tool box…do you have any suggestions? I’m adding scissors, pencil, glue, tape to the list…

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Julie said...

I still love your Terrarium. I can't wait to see what else you put in there. I just might have to try one.
Hope you had a safe trip today. Talk to you tomorrow. Blessings my friend!!