Monday, July 8, 2013

Copper cold-forged flower bracelet

copper cold-forged flower bracelet

It must be summer cause we are crazy-busy. There is not much crafting going on around here! I did manage to get this bracelet done though. I had a lot of fun hammering the flower into shape. I just wish I could get down to the basement more often to make more!!! I’ve been busy doing other things. Really really fun things…like spending three (three!) hours cleaning under a counter. And reorganizing my filing cabinet…again! And getting ready for the 4th of July. And getting kids ready to go to camp. And a million other things that crop up to wipe out my day. Then there is the “down time” – I don’t know about you but when it is so busy, and there is a spare minute (or hour), I sleep. Usually. So if I wanted to cut out some sleep time I suppose I’d have time to cut more metal…but I usually just can’t help myself. This week kid three is at the first camp of the summer and I have PLANS! MAJOR PLANS! You take just one kid out of the equation and we have an entirely different household. It doesn’t matter which kid…it just seems calmer and more manageable. I’m going to finish organizing the filing cabinet, make soap, decorate a tin Steampunk Style, and my brain tells me I have to cut some wood with my scroll saw. Wish me luck! Hope your summer is going well!


Julie said...

That really is cool. I love your ideas Kim, they are always so fresh and neat.
See you in a couple of hours (more like 3+). Take care and enjoy the quietiness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Just wanted to say we had a super, super 4th. So relaxing and getting to see some of your crafts and hard work. Take a break and nap when you can---you deserve that. Hi to the family and a huge thanks for the coffee and treats.
Much love, M&M