Monday, April 22, 2013

Leather Bag Makeover – Steampunk?

Remember this bag?


Remember I didn’t like the color or the front flap, or the strap. Now it looks like this -


Much MUCH BETTER! I dyed the bag with some antique colored leather dye I had laying around. I added the strap onto the front using rivets and punched in eyelets to hold whatever accessory I want to use.


After I got this all wired on my kids and hubbie told me it looks like a Sherriff badge…and they’re right…it does! It’s kinda  western Steampunk.The perforated metal piece is something I got from a clearance bin at JoAnn’s – it’s supposed to be a necklace part. I guess people would embroider a design on it or something.

The darker leather piece under the main strap is held on with heavy-duty snaps. I can change it out whenever I want and put something else there…like maybe needle felted flowers on felt or something like that. We’ll see. It took me years to get it to this point so I think it’ll stay this way for awhile.



I added this vintage key to use as a zipper pull on the back pocket – and a larger one for the main inside pocket. I also cut the straps off and used a long heavy duty belt as a handle.


The plan is to use snaps but I ran out so I sewed it in place this time…will add snaps later…this works fine for now. I really love how this turned out – I like the mix of different colored leathers and metals. It’s definitely better than it was! So now I’m on the hunt for another ugly old leather purse to redo for the bazaar – keep your eyes open for me!

Today I’m repainting my living room. I let the boys pick the color. It turns out what was supposed to be a putty color is actually a mauve/purple color. I hate it. I’m going to consider it priming the walls and get something else. Darn it!

002 006

And here is another polymer clay pendant I made using a big stone cabochon as the base. It’s heavy and I love how it turned out – think it looks like petrified wood?


And lastly, one more polymer clay pendant. Julie likes this one – I think I do too. It isn’t what I had in my head when I started out so I’m not sure how much I like it…


Happy Crafting!!!!


Julie said...

You will have to take the purse to Mary. I know she will love to see it and feel it in person. You have some so awesome on all your crafts. I envy you at times with all your smarts and abilities.
Take care Kim and I'll text you while gone and tell you if I became a yard dart or made it to Wyoming. First see you tomorrow for 1 last long walk.
Blessings my friend!!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

Love the purse and what you did with it!

Ann Martin said...

Wow, your bag and pendants are gorgeous, Kim!